B2B Site Mastering

Use the B2B site mastering template to master company data by branch or location. Enhance planning and decision-making with accurate location data for the companies with which you transact business.

The data product produced by this template provides a consolidated view of businesses at the granularity of individual sites: headquarters versus satellite offices, for example.

This data product template provides:

  • An industry-standard schema for company data.
  • A machine learning model that deduplicates entities within, and across, your data sources.
  • Data quality services for company name, phone number, url, and address data.

B2B site data products provide a view of companies that identifies, and differentiates, various business locations. In your data, companies might mean customers, suppliers, prospects, health care organizations, portfolio companies, or another type of organization.

Use Cases for this Template

Applying the B2B site mastering template to your data helps you answer questions like:

  • How many unique customers or suppliers do you have in total?
  • How many distinct sites are there in each sales region?
  • Where do you have multiple sales associates visiting the same customer or supplier site?
  • Where is there overlap when you consolidate data from several customer relationship management (CRM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems?
  • What is the validated address and phone number for a particular site?

B2B site mastering data products provide insights that inform plans to optimize deliveries, allocate resources, target marketing campaigns, and make other location-driven decisions.

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Using this Template

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