AI Chatbot Disclaimer

The following disclaimer is intended to inform users of the limitations and usage guidelines of the AI chatbot available in the Tamr public documentation. Please read this disclaimer carefully before engaging with the chatbot.

  • General Information: The AI chatbot is an automated system powered by OpenAI. It is designed to provide information and assistance based on the public Tamr documentation. While we strive to provide accurate information through the AI chatbot, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or up-to-date nature of the information provided. We recommend that you use responses as a starting point and verify the information in the linked public documentation sources.
  • User Responsibility: Users of the AI chatbot bear sole responsibility for their interactions and reliance on the information provided. It is important to exercise caution and use your discretion while interpreting and acting upon the chatbot's responses. We cannot be held liable for any actions, losses, or damages resulting from the use of the chatbot.
  • Data Privacy and Security: We prioritize the privacy and security of our users' information. Be aware that chatbot conversations may be reviewed by our content team to improve results. While OpenAI retains logs of these conversations for 30 days, this data is not used to train their AI models. Do not share any sensitive or personal information in your conversations.

By using our AI chatbot, you indicate your acceptance and understanding of the above disclaimer. If you do not agree with any part of this disclaimer, we recommend refraining from using the chatbot. For further assistance or inquiries, please contact Support at [email protected].