Welcome to Tamr Cloud

Tamr Cloud helps you quickly master your data sources at scale.

Tamr Cloud is a fully managed SaaS solution for data mastering. The platform provides auto scaling, performance and security monitoring, and automatic updates.

Tamr Cloud offers templates that solve specific data mastering use cases. Each template includes the following features to help you quickly master and enrich your data:

  • Industry-specific schemas.
  • A fully trained model to identify and group similar and matching records.
  • Data enrichment, record consolidation rules, and other capabilities.

Tamr Cloud templates master large volumes of data, allowing you to publish clean, enriched, unified datasets. You can use this data to power analytics, data visualizations, business intelligence, and other tools used by your organization.

Tamr Cloud's approach to data mastering offers many advantages over traditional rules-based data mastering, including the following:

Rules-Driven Approaches Tamr Cloud Approaches
Developer-created rules that require constant updates as data changes. Pre-built, purpose-trained machine learning models.
Closed systems aimed at selling a broader suite of products. Interoperability with existing applications across the data value chain.
High cost for adding new sources requires significant preprocessing and modification. Easily onboard new sources by leveraging purpose-trained machine learning models and pre-defined data mastering flows.

Understanding Entity Types and Entities

In Tamr Cloud, you master source records by entity type.

An entity type represents a type of mastered data. For example, you may have a "Customer Sites" entity type with mastered records for customer locations or branches.

During the mastering flow for an entity type, Tamr Cloud identifies source records that refer to the same entity. Each entity is a mastered record that represents a group of related source records across your company’s datasets.

For each field in the entity, Tamr Cloud identifies the most appropriate value from these source records, ensuring that the entity has the most accurate and up-to-date information. For example, you may have an "Acme Incorporated" entity that represents three source records: "ACME", "Acme Co.", and "Acme Inc". The "Acme Incorporated" entity includes the most accurate data from these source records.

The Tamr ID

During the mastering process, each entity is given a Tamr ID, which is a unique, persistent primary key. Tamr Cloud automatically manages the Tamr ID throughout the mastering process to ensure that it remains a unique string.

Use this ID to identify this entity in and across your downstream applications.