Source File Known Issues and Limitations

  • If you upload a new version of a source file that is used in a Designer flow, the source file is removed as input to the Schema Mapping step, and the Schema Mapping step status changes to incomplete. To complete the Schema Mapping step, update the step input to add the source file. If all fields are the same as the original file version, the field mappings are reset automatically. Otherwise, remap the fields. See Mapping Input Fields to a Unified Schema.
  • The number of source datasets for an entity type is not consistently correct when uploaded source files are used in the mastering flow.
  • For fields that contain double quoted values, the display value may include left or right quotes.
  • File rows cannot start or end with quote characters.
  • File upload preview assumes that data is comma delimited until a different delimiter is selected.
  • Data values must be only Basic Latin characters to display properly.

Additionally, see Requirements for Input Datasets