Mastered Entity Attributes for B2B Site Mastering

By default, data products created with the B2B site mastering data product template include the following attributes. You can customize the attributes that are included, their display names, and their organization in the Configure Attributes step. See Configuring Data Display.

Primary Group

Attribute Display Name
tamr_id Tamr ID
Company_Name Company Name
Phone Phone
Address_Line_1 Address Line 1
Address_Line_2 Address Line 2
City City
Region Region
Postal_Code Postal Code
Country Country
website_domain Website Domain
Alternative_names Alternative Names
Previous_names Previous Names
Company_Type Company Type
Type_Of_Address Type Of Address
Stock_Exchange Stock Exchange
Ticker_Symbol Ticker Symbol
Tax_IDs Tax IDs
Company_Registration Company Registration
Founding_Year Founding Year
Associated_Persons Associated_Persons

Secondary Group

Attribute Display Name
entity_id Entity ID
company_id Source Company IDs

Enriched Group

See Address Standardization, Validation, and Geocoding and Phone Number Enrichment for more information about the attributes added by these enrichment services.

Attribute Display Name
enriched_phone_type Enriched Phone Type
enriched_phone_national_format Enriched Phone Number - National Format
enriched_phone_valid Enriched Phone Number - Is Valid?
enriched_phone_carrier Enriched Phone Number - Carrier
enriched_full_address Enriched Full Address