Tamr Support Policy

What You Can Expect From the Tamr Support Team

When you are running data mastering pipelines on your ever-changing data, you may at times run into issues. We are here 24/7 to help you solve issues and enable you along the way. You can submit issues by emailing [email protected] or using the support ticket form available from the bottom corner on all documentation pages (docs.tamr.com). On receiving the ticket, a Tamr Support Agent will be assigned to the case.

Tamr Support Policy

The Tamr Support Team is committed to delivering an exceptional experience and is continuously working to improve its services. This includes training of the Support Agents, building out documentation including troubleshooting guides, and working closely with our product team to relay customer feedback.

A Tamr Support Agent will respond to your request in accordance with the Severity assigned as follows:

24/7 Global Coverage
Severity Level Definition Initial Response Time
1 Issue halts Customer's ability to use the Service in production or has a significant impact on the business. 2 hours
2 Issue is causing significant or degraded loss of use, yet the Service can continue to operate in a restricted fashion. 2 hours
3 Issue has normal time criticality; delivery is not imminent, and there is little or no work stoppage resulting from this issue. 12 hours

Initial Response Time

Initial response time is the time taken by a Tamr Support Agent to respond via email to any issue once submitted. This does not include the automated notification via email that you receive upon issue submission.