Uploading a Source File

Upload source files directly into Tamr Cloud in Admin > Sources.

Before You Begin:

To upload a source file:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Sources.
  2. Select Add Source.
  3. Select New File Upload and then Next.
  4. Enter a name and optional description for the source, as it will appear in the UI, and then select Next.
  5. Upload your file by either dragging and dropping it into the upload area or browsing to the file. After the upload completes, select Next.
  6. Specify the following settings for the file. As you change these settings, the data preview updates.
    • Delimiter: (required) Tamr Cloud supports comma, tab, semicolon, space, and pipe delimiters.
    • Header row: Specify whether the file contains a header row.
    • Header Row Number: If the file contains a header row, enter the row number for the header row.
    • Quote Character: Specify whether field values include quote characters. If you set this to yes, Tamr Cloud considers strings within quotes as a single value; delimiter characters within quotes are ignored.
      Example: A comma-delimited file contains a field value "Product, Development, Marketing".
      - If Quote Character is set to yes, the field value in the uploaded file is Product, Development, Marketing.
      - If Quote Character is set to no, this value will produce three different fields. The value of field_1 is "Product. The value of field_2 is Development, and the value of field_3 is Marketing".
  7. Save your settings.

When upload is complete, you can select View Source View sourceView source to preview the source file in a new tab.

You can now use the file as input data in a mastering flow and share the file with other users.