Use Cases for Healthcare Providers Mastering

Create a 360 degree view of healthcare providers to streamline operations and provide optimal patient care.

The data product created by the healthcare provider mastering template is designed to master Type 1 (individual) provider data. Applying this template to your data helps you answer questions like:

  • For healthcare companies that bill Type 1 providers, is this provider in-network or out-of-network?
  • For hospitals that employee Type 1 providers, do you have a global view of your employee base? Which doctors practice in one of your locations and what are their specialities?
  • For organizations running clinical trials, are you recruiting providers with the appropriate specialities?
  • For organizations whose customers are Type 1 providers, are you reaching the right target audience and do you have accurate contact information?

Data Quality and Enrichment Services

The healthcare provider mastering template includes a data quality service for address attributes. This service supplement your healthcare provider data with standardized, validated values for these essential address attributes.