Product Update May 17, 2023

We are pleased to share the latest improvements in Tamr Cloud, including updates to source dataset requirements, improvements to the Healthcare Providers template, and other recent improvements.

Source Dataset Requirements

We now support spaces in source dataset column names. Spaces, including trailing and leading spaces, in column names will be converted to underscores when the dataset is added to Tamr Cloud. For example, address line 1 becomes address_line_1.

Data Product Template Improvements

Healthcare Providers Mastering Template

  • The template includes a new version of the address enrichment service, called Address Standardization, Validation, and Geocoding. This service provides powerful, accurate address matching, and returns a Google Place ID for matching addresses as well as location geocoding.
  • The mastering flow now includes a step to create a unique tamr_record_id for each source record. This step ensures that the source dataset primary keys are unique across datasets, by creating a new primary key field, tamr_record_id, which is a concatenation of the source dataset name and uniqueKey field.
  • Users now have more control over which records are clustered together. This template now includes a unified trusted_id attribute, to which you can map source columns that contain a unique record identifier, such as a Social Security Number or internal identification number. The model always cluster records with the same trusted_id together, and does not cluster records with different trusted_ids together. Records will null/empty trusted_ids are clustered with similar records as usual by the model, meaning that they may be clustered with records that have a trusted_id.

Learn more about this template.

Other Recent Improvements


Table views: You can now search and apply filters to pending user changes, and save to your view.

Company Mastering with Firmographic Enrichment template

In the Company Mastering with Firmographic Enrichment template, the Tamr Enrich ID step matches companies in your source records against Tamr’s bank of 400M+ company records. The step returns matching Tamr Enrich IDs at either the site or legal entity level, depending on the data available in source datasets. Legal entity level matches are now based primarily on company name and country code for both US and non-US addresses. For companies with US addresses, jurisdiction (country and region or state) is used in case of a tie. Previously, these matches were based on company name and jurisdiction (country and state) for US addresses. This change allows better legal entity level match rates for US-based companies.


We improved the display of longer connection names.

Fixed Issues

  • The More More tricolon icon button on data product tiles in Studio was not working correctly.
  • For table views, users received "There are unsaved changes on the view, please save or reset" message even if their view was up to date.