Product Update August 12, 2022

We are pleased to share the latest improvements in Tamr Cloud:

New Supplier Mastering with D&B Template

You can now use the Supplier Mastering with D&B template to master company site data using an industry-standard schema and trained machine learning model.

This template enriches your entity data with the following:

  • DUNS number and additional information generated from the D&B IDRCleanseMatch OpenAPI Spec.
  • Data from the following Dun & Bradstreet Data Blocks:
    • Company Information L2
    • Hierarchies and Connections L1
    • Diversity Insights L1
    • Third Party Risk Insights L1
  • ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 two character country code
  • Cleaned company name and extracted company legal form

Please contact Tamr if you are interested in using this template.

Easily Move Source Records between Entities in Curator

The new Move action in Curator and updated Source Records Overrides page design make it easier to compare the source records of selected entities and move source records between entities if needed.


Move action

When comparing the source records for entities, you select the target (or primary) entity to review. You will be able to move source records into and out of this entity.


Select target (primary) entity to review

In the Source Records Overrides page, you can review the source records of the target/primary entity and the source records of the other selected entities. If Tamr Cloud has identified other entities that are similar to the primary entity, you can also review the source records for those entities.


Reviewing and moving source records between entities

To move source records between entities, drag and drop records between the primary entity and the selected entities to review, or use the Actions > Move option. Your saved changes will be pending until the next time the flow is run.

importantimportant Important:

  • If you move all source records out of an entity, that entity and its Tamr ID will be removed the next time the flow is run.
  • When you run a flow after changing an entity’s source records, the Consolidate Records rules in Designer may identify different source record values for entity fields.

Learn more about overriding source records.

Legal Entity Template Now Includes Country Code Enrichment

The Designer flow for the Legal Entity template now includes Country Code enrichment. The Country Code enricher provides the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 two character country code. For example: GB, US, and so on. New entities created with this template include this enricher automatically. Learn more about this enricher.

Sort, Filter, and Configure the Entity Table in Studio

Our improved table functionality is available in the Studio Entities table. You can:

  • Reorder columns using drag and drop
  • Show and hide columns
  • Pin columns to the left or right
  • Sort each column
  • Filter by values in one or more columns. Filtering is case-insensitive.
Sort, filter, and configuration optionsSort, filter, and configuration options

Sort, filter, and configuration options

Learn more about sorting, filtering, and configuring tables.

Sort Fields in the Designer Schema Mapping Step

In the Designer Schema Mapping step, you can now sort input and output fields in ascending or descending order, making it easier to find fields when mapping.


Field sorting in Schema Mapping step

Learn more about Schema Mapping in Designer.