Mapping Input Fields to a Unified Schema

When you create an entity type, Tamr Cloud automatically creates predefined output fields for the unified schema. After adding input datasets to a flow, map the input fields from these datasets to the unified output fields.

  • You must map at least one input field to each output field. If any output fields do not have mappings, the flow will not run.
  • You can add new output fields if your input dataset includes a field not represented by the predefined output fields.
  • A single input field can be mapped to multiple output fields.
  • Do not map multiple fields from the same dataset to the same output field.
  • Multiple input fields from different datasets can be mapped to the same output field.
  • If your input datasets contain fields that you do not want to include in the unified schema, you do not need to map those fields to an output field.

importantimportant Important: Do not delete or rename the predefined output fields in the right pane.

To update Schema Mapping:

  1. In Designer, select the type type tile to open the flow.

  2. Select the Align to Customer Data Model (Schema Mapping) step.

  3. Change the input datasets for the step by selecting Settings gear icongear icon to open the Edit Step dialog.

  4. In the Edit Step dialog, add your input datasets:

    • In the Input section, select Add.
    • From the Dataset dropdown, select your input dataset.
    • Repeat to add each of input datasets you added to your flow.
    • Select Update.
  5. On the Align source fields page, map input fields to output fields as follows:

    • To map a field, drag the field from the input fields panel (left) to the appropriate field in the output fields panel (right).
    • To remove a field mapping, select the input field in the input fields panel (left) and then choose Actions > Unmap.
    • To add a new output field, drag and drop a field from the input fields panel (left) to the Add New section at the top of the output fields panel (right).
      You can also add a new output field by selecting Actions > Create in the output panel (right) and entering a name for the field. Then, drag and drop a field from the input fields panel (left) to the new field in the output fields panel.
      Note: Field names can contain ONLY alphanumeric characters and underscores.
    • To remove an output field, select the field in the output fields panel (right) and then select Actions > Remove. The output field and its related mappings are removed.

    Tip: You can sort input and output fields in ascending or descending order to more easily find specific fields. To sort, select the up or down arrow next at the top of the field column.

  6. When you have finished the schema mapping updates, navigate back to the flow by selecting the back arrow next to the step description.