Product Update November 17, 2022

We are pleased to share the latest improvements in Tamr Cloud!

This release includes:

Improved B2B Site Mastering Template

A new transformation step has been added to the B2B Site Mastering template: Create tamr_record_id.

This transformation step ensures that each source record has a unique primary key across all source datasets, by concatenating the source dataset name and the unique key from the source record (datasetname_uniqueKeyValue) and storing this value in a new primary key field: tamr_record_id.


Create tamr_record_id transformation step

This step is available in B2B Site Mastering entity types created after this release. All steps in the template have been updated to incorporate the new tamr_record_id field. Learn more about this template.

Issues Fixed in this Release

This release includes fixes for the following issues:

  • Publish issues:
    • Publish to Snowflake fails.
    • Publish using the Managed Destination connection fails.
  • File upload issues:
    • Delimiters and quote characters not parsed correctly for uploaded source files.
    • Some or all records missing from uploaded source files.
  • Jobs issues:
    • Error loading jobs page.
    • Author users can see jobs run by other uses, in addition to their own jobs.
  • Admin incorrectly displays an internally-used Features app.
  • General usability improvements and minor bug fixes

Known Issues in this Release

For the latest information on known issues, see Troubleshooting and Known Issues.