Product Update March 3, 2023

We are pleased to share the latest improvements in Tamr Cloud, including the ability to automap fields to the unified schema when schema mapping.

AutoMap Fields in Schema Mapping

The AutoMap feature can help you quickly map source fields to appropriate fields in the unified schema, by:

  • Identifying source fields that match previously mapped source fields. AutoMap applies the same mapping for the matching fields.
  • Identifying source fields that match unified schema fields. AutoMap maps these fields to their matching unified schema fields.

See AutoMapping Fields for more.

Improved Interactive Curation Documentation

With this release of Tamr Cloud, we improved our curation documentation to be more interactive. The documentation now includes short videos that show you how to complete curation tasks.

See Editing Field Values and Managing Entity Record Clusters.

Fixed Issues and Improvements

This release of Tamr Cloud includes general usability improvements and minor bug fixes.

For source dataset fields with empty string values (““), Tamr Cloud no longer sets the value of these fields to “null”. Instead, the existing empty string is retained.

For the latest information on known issues, see Troubleshooting and Known Issues.