Product Update March 7, 2023

We are pleased to share the latest improvements in Tamr Cloud, including the availability of the Company Mastering with Firmographic Enrichment template.

Company Mastering with Firmographic Enrichment Template

Use the Company Mastering with Firmographic Enrichment template to master site-level company data and identify companies that are part of the same site and the same corporate hierarchy. This template enriches your mastered entities with referential data from a selected data provider, and includes the name, address, website, and operating status of each company and its direct parent, ultimate domestic parent, and ultimate global parent. See Company Mastering with Firmographic Enrichment for more information.

Other Recent Improvements


  • In the Curator entities table, we’ve changed the default sort order on the metric columns (like Source Records) to sort from highest to lowest. Previously, the default sort option was from lowest to highest. This change helps you quickly find entities with large numbers of source records, similar entities, and source datasets.
  • The Source Record Overrides page now offers a single Actions menu, as shown in the image below. Actions that were previously available above the Selected & Similar Source Records table (bottom right) are now consolidated into the Actions menu in the Primary Entity section (top right). You can use options on this menu to move source records between the primary entity and selected or similar entities and to create new entities from source records in the primary entity cluster.

Designer Flows

  • The new AutoMap feature in Schema Mapping can help you quickly map source fields to appropriate fields in the unified schema. See AutoMapping Fields.

Connections and Data Sources

  • We added support for connections to Google Cloud Storage. See Connecting to Cloud Storage Locations.
  • For source dataset fields with empty string values (““), Tamr Cloud no longer sets the value of these fields to “null”. Instead, the existing empty string is retained.

Other Improvements

  • Any changes that you make to table column widths are now saved for the duration of your session.

Upcoming User Interface Enhancements and Terminology Updates

Over the coming weeks, you’ll notice some changes in the Tamr Cloud user interface and documentation. Tamr Cloud will be delivering new, streamlined options for navigating to, and between, the features you most want to use. In addition, both option labels in the UI, and descriptions in the documentation, will be updated to align with industry-standard terms.

Recently Fixed Issues

  • General usability improvements and minor bug fixes.

For the latest information on known issues, see Troubleshooting and Known Issues.