Connecting to Cloud Storage Locations

In Connections, you can configure access to the cloud storage locations that store source datasets (source connections) or that will store published entity data (destination connections).

Your ability to add, use, and edit connections depends on your user role and permissions.

If you have permission to use a connection and access to Designer, you can add datasets stored in the connection's cloud storage location to your mastering flow.

If you have permission to use a connection and access to Publish, you can select the connection when configuring a publish destination for mastered entity date.

Supported Connection Types

You can add the following connection types in Tamr Cloud:

  • Azure SQL Server
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Snowflake

importantimportant Important Known Issues for Snowflake Connections: Do not use the DEFAULT warehouse for Snowflake Source connections. Additionally, the password for the Snowflake user cannot contain special characters.

Tamr-Provided Connections

Tamr Cloud comes with several pre-configured connections. You can use these connections to access sample data, publish downloadable datasets, and upload files. These connections include:

Connection NameDescription
Demo ConnectionThis connection provides access to sample datasets stored in a Tamr-managed Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket. These datasets are automatically included in new entity type mastering flows to be used as sample data.
Managed DestinationThis connection provides access to published datasets stored in a Tamr-managed GCS bucket through shared links. You can also download datasets published using this connection. See Sharing a Link to a Published Dataset and Downloading a Published Dataset for more information on using this connection.
Managed File UploadThis Tamr-managed connection provides the ability to upload source files directly into Tamr Cloud. See Uploading a Source File.