Product Update Summary - October 20, 2023

We recently released an improved experience for connections and sources, data product template improvements, the ability to quickly export table data, recent updates, and fixes.

Improved Experience For Connections and Sources

We’ve streamlined the process for adding new connections to external data repositories and adding new source datasets in Tamr Cloud. We also simplified permissions; now all admins and authors can view, update, and use all connections and data sources. Users who have permission to configure a data product flow can add any existing source dataset to that flow. Users who have permission to publish data product data can now configure publishing destinations to any existing connection.

Additionally, we now fully support BigQuery and ADLS2 connections; these connections are no longer in limited release.

You can expect faster load times and for your connections and sources user interface to look slightly different.

Data Product Template Improvements

  • For the B2C Customers template, Sirene is now included in firmographic enrichment from the Public Sources data provider, and expands match coverage for French companies.
  • We updated the names of several data product templates as follows:

Exporting Table Data

If you have publisher (or higher) permissions for your data product, you can select Export Sample to quickly download the table data on the page. Configure the number of rows to download at the bottom of the table.

Other Recent Improvements

General styling and user experience improvements.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the D&B Enrich step was not loading data correctly when viewing the step output.
  • Fixed several issues with navigation in the Curator Configure Flow page.