Requirements for BigQuery

Before you begin, make sure you have completed the following:

  1. Cloud Resource Manager API is enabled on your project.
  2. BigQuery API is enabled on your project.
  3. Create a BigQuery dataset.
  4. A service account and service account keyfile. You can create a keyfile following these instructions.

To set up a BigQuery connection, you need to first set up appropriate service account permissions in Google Cloud Platform.

  1. Navigate to BigQuery > SQL Workspace and select your dataset.
  2. In the top right of the console, select SHARING > Permissions.
  3. Select Add Principals and enter your service account.
  4. From the Select a role dropdown, choose the following roles:
    1. BigQuery User (roles/bigquery.user)
    2. BigQuery Data Editor (roles/bigquery.dataEditor) or BigQuery Data Viewer (roles/bigquery.dataViewer)
      Select editor if you will be publishing data back to this connection.
  5. At the project level, give the service account the following permissions:
    1. Service Usage Consumer (roles/serviceusage.serviceUsageConsumer).

Required Information

When adding a connection, you are prompted for specific information for the connection type. Gather the following information before adding the connection.

  • Name
  • Description (optional)
  • Project
  • Dataset
  • Key file (Google Service Account Key)
    Created in your Google service account, this json blob grants Tamr Cloud permissions to access the BigQuery dataset in your GCP account. See Create and manage service account keys.

Tables and Views with BIGNUMERIC Data Type Columns

You can import BigQuery views as source datasets. When adding your source, enter the name of your view in the Table field.

There are certain limitations when working with BigQuery sources that use the BIGNUMERIC data type. In particular, if the source is a table, then BIGNUMERIC columns must have precision of 38 (the default) or less. BIGNUMERIC columns with larger precision are not supported. If the source is a view, then BIGNUMERIC isn’t supported, even with precision 38 or less. If you have a BIGNUMERIC column in a source, cast it to another numeric type or to STRING. For more information about the BIGNUMERIC data type please see the BigQuery Documentation.