Legal Entities

You use the legal entities template to cluster together data about companies, businesses, or organizations that represent the same legal entity.

Use the legal entities template to create a 360 degree view of companies, for compliance use cases or to explore investment opportunities based on the ultimate parent company. This data product provides insights into investment opportunities, powers dashboard and analytic tools, and benchmarks portfolios.

This data product template provides:

  • An industry-standard schema for company data.
  • A machine learning model that deduplicates entities within, and across, your data sources.
  • Data quality services for company name and country code.

Legal entities data products provide a view of companies at the legal entity, not site or location, level. For example, if a company has a branch location in Boston and another in London, these locations are represented by a single mastered legal entity. In your data, companies might mean customers, suppliers, prospects, health care organizations, portfolio companies, or another type of organization.

Use Cases for this Template

Applying this data product template to your data helps you answer questions like:

  • How many unique customers or suppliers do you have in total?
  • Do you have accurate and complete company data to help explore and make strategic investments?
  • Do you have accurate information for compliance purposes about the companies and suppliers with which your organization transacts business?

Related Templates

Other templates would be a better choice if you need to:

  • Create a company view that identifies and differentiates between different locations for the same business: the B2B companies template provides this perspective.
  • Identify points of contact within organizations: the contacts template is designed for this.

Using this Template

To learn more about this template’s requirements, processing, and resulting mastered entities, see: