Product Update April 4, 2023

We are pleased to share a summary of the recent improvements in Tamr Cloud.

Recent Improvements

In addition to general usability improvements, we made the following improvements in Tamr Cloud.

Source Data Requirements

You can now upload files up to 20GB from cloud storage locations. See Requirements for Source Data.

Sorting Tables

You can now filter by Does not contain and Does not equal. See filtering table data.

User Interface Terminology Updates

  • In Studio, we replaced the generic term “entities” with a template-specific identifier, such as sites, companies, or contacts. This terminology change applies to newly-created data products. When you select a data product to review details, the template-specific identifier will also be used to label the “Entities” tab and the Entities metric, which shows the number of entities represented by the source records.
  • The names of published datasets have been renamed:
    • Entities dataset renamed to Mastered Entities dataset.
    • Source Records by Entity dataset renamed to Source Records by Cluster dataset.
    • Entities by Similarity dataset renamed to Cluster by Similarity dataset.

Tamr Cloud User Guide

  • New Tamr Cloud Glossary.
  • A new section for Managing Your Tamr Cloud Tenant, including:
  • We relocated the Data Products Templates and Data Enrichment reference sections.
  • We renamed our “Help Center” section to Troubleshooting Resources. We reorganized and consolidated this section.