Managing Source Datasets

You can add new data sources from cloud storage locations, database connections, and your local network.

Depending on your user role and permissions, you can add new data sources for mastering by either:

  • Adding sources from a database table or view, or from a or cloud storage connection.
  • Uploading local source files. Note that this option is best for data product flow testing, and not for production data products. If you need to update the source file, you will need to add the updated file as a new source.

Before you add source datasets, see Requirements for Source Datasets.

The information in Menu menu > Sources provides details for each source, including:

  • Name
  • Source location (connection or file upload)
  • Number of columns
  • Number of rows
  • Last refresh status
  • Last successful refresh
  • User who added the source, and the date of when they did

You can Refresh refresh or choose to Delete trash icon sources.

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