Monitoring Jobs

You can track the status of running jobs in Jobs.

Your ability to monitor jobs depends on your user role and permissions.

Tamr Cloud jobs include:

  • Uploading data into a mastering flow.
  • Running a mastering flow, which updates the mastered data product data in Tamr Cloud.
  • Exporting data product data to cloud storage in Publish.

Scheduled tasks to update or publish data also create jobs when they run.

You can run up to 5 concurrent jobs; additional jobs are queued.

Monitor job status in Menu menu > Jobs. For each job, you can view:

  • State: States include:
    • Canceled
    • Completed
    • Failed
    • Queued
    • Running
  • Job type
  • Job name
  • Owner: The user who started the job.
  • Progress: Percentage of the job completion.
  • Start Time
  • Completed Time
  • Duration
  • Details: For failed jobs, select the information icon to open error details.

You can filter Jobs table by these states by using a contains filter and supplying the state name. See Sorting and Filtering Tables.