Product Update March 21, 2023

We are pleased to share the latest improvements in Tamr Cloud, including an increase in the maximum size for source datasets to 500MB, visual indicators for pending changes in Curator, terminology changes in the user interface, documentation improvements, and fixed issues.

Recent Improvements

In addition to general usability improvements, we made the following improvements in Tamr Cloud.

Source Data Requirements

  • You can now upload files up to 500MB in Tamr Cloud.


  • We added visual indicators for pending changes in Curator. See Managing Clusters for more details.
  • Curator screens now become read-only while a flow is running; you cannot perform source record override actions until the flow finishes running.

User Interface Terminology Updates
We made the following terminology updates in the user interface:

  • In Designer and Curator, we replaced the generic term “entities” with a template-specific identifier, such as sites, companies, or contacts. This terminology change applies to newly-created data products.
  • For newly-created data products, the Entity Details tab in Curator has been renamed to the Mastered Entity Details tab.
  • In Curator and the Deliver to Studio step, we renamed consolidated entity record fields to “mastered entity attributes.”

Tamr Cloud User Guide Enhancements
You’ll find the following new information in the Tamr Core User Guide:

Fixed Issues

In addition to minor bug fixes, we fixed the following issue in Publish.


  • When publishing to an AWS S3 connection, you no longer need to provide the full path to the directory location. Tamr Cloud now respects the S3 directory configuration.

For the latest information on known issues, see Troubleshooting and Known Issues.