Address Enrichment

Address enrichment provides standard and supplemental street address, city, region, and postal code data.

Address enrichment provides standard and supplemental street address, city, region, and postal code.

Required Input Fields for Address Enrichment

The input dataset for this enricher must include fields that can be mapped to the following enrichment input fields.

Input Field NameDescription
full_addressFull address. Provide the full address or the individual address components.
address_1Street address line 1
address_2Street address line 2
address_3Street address line 3
regionRegion, state, province, or county
postal_codeZip or postal code
countryCountry name or country code

Output Fields for Address Enrichment

The following fields are provided by the enricher.

Output Field NameDescription
enriched_address_premiseThe alphanumeric code identifying an individual location
enriched_address_delivery_point_barcodeBarcode identifying the exact delivery location
enriched_address_country_code_2_characterThe ISO 3166 2-character country code
enriched_address_rdiThe residential delivery indicator, which indicates whether an address is a business or residential location
enriched_address_country_nameThe ISO 3166 official country name
enriched_address_country_code_3_characterThe ISO 3166 3-character country code
enriched_address_longitudeThe WGS 84 longitude in decimal degrees format
enriched_address_thoroughfareThe most common street or block data element within a country

For example: USA Street
enriched_address_delivery_addressThe full address correctly formatted for mailing in the relevant country, including line breaks specified using the AddressLineSeparator option, without the following:

AdministrativeArea hierarchy
PostalCode hierarchy
enriched_address_successfulWhether the enricher successfully enriched the address data for this record (true/false)
enriched_country_code_3_digitThe ISO 3166 3-digit numeric country code
enriched_address_postal_code_primaryThe primary postal code used for a particular country

For example:
Canadian Postcode
Indian PINcode
enriched_address_latitudeThe WGS 84 latitude in decimal degrees format
enriched_address_postal_code_secondarySecondary postal code information, if it is used in a particular country, if the code can be determined, and if reference data is available

For example: USA Zip Plus 4

Blank otherwise
enriched_address_regionRegion, state, province, or county
enriched_address_dpv_match_codeDelivery point validation match code