Requirements for GCS

You can connect to the Google Cloud Storage (GCS) connection with the appropriate permissions and required information.

To set up a Google Cloud Storage (GCS) connection, you need access to a storage bucket with set roles granting appropriate permissions for uploading and publishing data to GCS.

After configuring access to the bucket, you can add the GCS connection in Tamr Cloud.

  1. Navigate to Google Cloud Storage console.
  2. Select your bucket.
  3. Select Permissions > Grant Access.
  4. In the Add Principals section, enter the email of your service account that you generated.
  5. In the Assign Roles dropdown, select Storage Legacy Bucket Writer and Storage Object Viewer.
  6. At the project level, give the service account the following permissions:
    1. Service Usage Consumer (roles/serviceusage.serviceUsageConsumer).
  7. Select Save.

Required Information for GCS Connection

When adding a connection, you are prompted for specific information for the connection type. Gather the following information before adding the connection.

Required Information

  • Name
  • Description (optional)
  • Project Bucket
  • Prefix (optional)
    Configures a sub-path in the container for this connection. If you specify the prefix, your directories in the path must be created.
  • Google Cloud Storage Key File
    This is a Google service account json. See Create and manage service account keys for more.