Phone Number Enrichment

Phone number enrichment service validates, standardizes, and supplements your data.

Use Phone Number enrichment to:

  • Validate phone numbers against National Number Plans from ITU and other public datasets.
  • Standardize valid phone numbers into standard international or local format.
  • Enrich phone numbers with type, carrier and region, if available.

Required Input Fields for Phone Number Enrichment

The input dataset for this enricher must include fields that can be mapped to the following enrichment input fields.

Input Field NameDescription
phone_numberPhone number
countryCountry name (for example: United States, U.S., and so on)

Output Fields for Phone Number Enrichment

The following fields are provided by the enricher.

Output Field NameType
enriched_phone_validWhether this is a valid phone number (true/false)
enriched_phone_country_codeThe country calling code
enriched_phone_national_formatPhone number standardized to the national format
enriched_phone_international_formatPhone number standardized to the international format, including country code
enriched_phone_for_matchingCleaned phone number
enriched_phone_regionThe region for the phone number
enriched_phone_typeThe phone number type

- Fixed line
- Mobile
- Fixed line or mobile
- Toll free
- Premium rate
- Shared cost
- Personal number
- Pager
- Universal access number
- Voicemail
- Unknown
enriched_phone_carrierThe original carrier of the phone number

Available for mobile numbers only
enriched_phone_successWhether the enricher successfully enriched the phone number data for this record (true/false)