Requirements for Snowflake

You can connect to Snowflake with the required information.

Required Information for Snowflake Connection

When adding a connection, you are prompted for specific information for the connection type. Gather the following information before adding the connection.

Required Information

The following parameters are case-sensitive.

  • User and Password
    This user's default Snowflake role is used when connecting to Snowflake. Ensure that the default role has the appropriate permissions to access the necessary tables in Snowflake.
  • Organization Name
  • Account Name
    This is the Account Identifier in Snowflake. The full account identifier must be specified, which is usually part of your Snowflake URL: <account_identifier>
    See Snowflake documentation on Account Identifiers for more information.
  • Database
  • Schema
  • Warehouse

You can import Snowflake views as source datasets. You need permissions to the view to do this. See the Snowflake documentation for more detail. When adding your source, enter the name of your view in the Table field.

Important Known Issue for Snowflake Connections:

Do not use the DEFAULT warehouse for Snowflake Source connections.