Viewing Designer Step Output

In Designer, you can view the output of each step in a mastering flow to better understand the changes made to the unified dataset throughout the mastering process. This information can also help you debug any issues with the final dataset in Studio. The output includes up to 2000 records.

You can view step output for each completed step while running a flow, or for each step in a completed flow.

To view output for a mastering flow step:

  1. In Designer, select the entity type tile to open the flow.
  2. For a completed step, select More moremore.
  3. From the More menu, select View Step Output.

View Step Output option in Designer

A preview of the output opens in a new tab, as described in the table below. You can sort, filter, and configure fields that are included in the output tables.

Step TypeStep Output
Add DataA preview of each input dataset.
TransformationsA preview of the dataset after transformation scripts are applied.
EnrichmentA preview of the dataset with additional fields provided by the enricher.
ClusteringA preview of the dataset fields used by Tamr’s trained model to identify records that refer to the same entity.

If you have applied source record overrides in Curator, those cluster changes are made by the Clustering step. The step output includes those changes.
Deliver to StudioStep output preview is not available; view the output of this step in Studio.