Tamr Cloud Templates

Tamr Cloud provides data mastering templates to address a variety of use cases. For example, you may need to master company sites, or master legal entities. When you create an entity type from template, Tamr Cloud creates a data mastering flow specific for that template's use case, including:

  • Industry-specific schemas.
  • A fully trained model to identify and group (cluster) similar and matching records.
  • Data enrichment.
  • Record consolidation rules to produce a single entity from clustered records.
  • Configuration for the appearance and organization of entity data in Studio.

Select a template from the table below for more details on its input dataset requirements and clustering model, and instructions for modifying its mastering flow.

B2B Site MasteringUse this template to master company data by locations or branches. Unlike the Legal Entity template, when you master company data using this template, the mastered data includes separate entities for each company location or branch. Deduplicate, clean, and match disparate sources of data to build a common view of your customers. This template also provides company name, phone number, and address enrichment data.
Legal EntityUse this template to master data about companies, businesses, or organizations that represent the same legal entity. Unlike the B2B Site Mastering template, when you master company data using this template, the mastered data includes an entity per company, with all company locations represented by one company entity. Enable robust customer identification and company name enrichment.
Healthcare ProvidersUse the Healthcare Providers template to master healthcare provider and practitioner data. The template also provides address enrichment data.
Supplier Mastering with D&BUse the Supplier Mastering with D&B template to master supplier data. This template also provides country code, company name, DUNS number, and Dun & Bradstreet Data Block enrichment.

Contact Tamr if you are interested in using this template.