The email data quality service validates email address syntax and deliverability.


Looking to use the Email data quality service?

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The Email data quality service:

  • Checks that the syntax of the email address is valid according to the definitions in RFC 5321 and RFC 5322. Email addresses where the local part contains quotes or the domain is an IP address are not considered valid. Although these addresses are officially allowed according to the RFC definitions, these types of email addresses are not used in practice.
  • Checks whether email can be delivered to the domain of the email address over the public internet.
  • Extract the components of the email address, including the local part or user and the domain. Extracting the domain of an email address can be useful, for example, in determining the organization for which a person works.

Required Input Attributes for Email

The input dataset for this service must include an attribute that stores email values.

Output Attributes for Email

The following attributes are provided by this service.

Output Attribute Name Description
enriched_email_success Whether the enricher successfully enriched the email data for this record (true/false).
enriched_email_valid_syntax Whether the syntax is valid (true/false).
enriched_email_domain_deliverable If the email syntax is valid, indicates whether email can be delivered to the domain (true/false). Blank if the syntax is invalid.

If a timeout is reached before domain deliverability is determined, the value is "Unknown".
enriched_email_user The user or local part of the email address. Blank if the syntax is invalid.
enriched_email_domain The domain of the email address. Blank if the syntax is invalid.