Company Name Enrichment

Company name enrichment provides a cleaned company name and extracted company legal form.

Country Code enrichment must be completed prior to this enrichment step; the enriched_country_code_2_character field provided by the Country Code enricher is a required input field for this step.

Required Input Attributes for Company Name Enrichment

The input dataset for this enricher must include attributes that can be mapped to the following enrichment input attributes.

Input Attribute Name Description
company_name Company name
enriched_country_code_2_character Country where the company is based. This input field is supplied by Country Code enricher.

Output Attributes for Company Name Enrichment

The following attributes are provided by the enricher.

Output Attribute Name Description
enriched_company_alternate_legal_forms Alternate legal forms for the company (INC, LLC, LTD, and so on)
enriched_company_legal_form The legal form of the company (INC, LLC, LTD, and so on)
enriched_company_name_for_matching Cleaned company name; capitalized version of the input name without punctuation or legal form