About Data Products

Data products are the most complete and accurate version of your data.

What is a Data Product?

A data product is the reliable, high-quality result of a Tamr Cloud mastering flow. The flow standardizes and enriches inaccurate, incomplete source data, and identifies similar records within and across source datasets. Duplicate records are consolidated, resulting in individual mastered entities that best represent those records. Your organization’s experts can fine-tune the clusters of similar records and the values of mastered entities.

The mastered entities compose a data product that is a trustworthy, consumption-ready resource for analysis and decision-making that can be accessed across your organization to solve business challenges.

What is a Data Product Template?

To meet the data mastering needs of different industries, and of different operational channels within industries, Tamr Cloud offers a library of data product templates. Examples include templates that are designed to produce data products for company data, contacts, legal entities, or healthcare providers.

Each template provides a domain-specific, universal schema for a data product, global standards to validate and clean source data, and enrichment services that provide additional detail. To find duplicates in your source records, each template also includes a pre-trained matching model that identifies and groups similar records.

Data product templates support reliable, accurate, and continuous mastering of incoming source records to keep your data product up to date.

For an introduction to each of the templates that Tamr Cloud offers, see Data Product Templates.

To create a data product, see Adding a Data Product.