Features of Suppliers with D&B

This template enhances your data with standardized and enriched values and consolidates similar records into grouped entities.

About the Enrichment and Data Quality Services

The suppliers with D&B data product includes D-U-N-S match enrichment and four D&B data blocks (Company Information L2, Hierarchies and Connections L1, Diversity Insights L1, and Third Party Risk Insights L1) that enrich your data with corporate hierarchy and other referential data. This enrichment can help solve problems such as:

  • Missing D-U-N-S numbers.
  • Missing corporate hierarchy information.
  • Out-of-date information, such as company names that have changed due to acquisition.
  • Missing details about an organization, such as number of employees, revenue, SIC codes, national identifier, and so on.
  • Misidentifying different companies that reside in the same building as the same company.
  • Missing data on risk and stability, to identify supply chain vulnerabilities.
  • Understanding whether of your suppliers meet your company standards for sustainability and corporate responsibility. For example, how many of your suppliers are minority-owned, woman-owned, or certified small businesses?

See Dun & Bradstreet Enrichment for complete details.

This data product also includes data quality services for the following values:

These data quality services supplement your source data with standardized, validated values for these essential attributes. Tamr Cloud examines values for the template's attributes, and adds any resulting validated, standardized values to each record in new enrichment-specific attributes. The original values mapped from your source datasets remain present and unchanged.

About the Clustering Model

The clustering model used by the supplies with D&B template is the same model used by the B2B customers with D&B template. See B2B Customers with D&B for clustering model information and examples of source records that the model clusters and does not cluster.