Working with Tasks

In Tasks, you can view, create, and manage task assignments across data products. To open this page, select Menu menu > Tasks. To see permissions for tasks, see User Roles and Permissions.

You can also manage tasks for a specific data product by navigating to the data product and selecting the Tasks page.

You can filter tasks by assignee, task type, and task status (open or closed). You can sort tasks by created or due date.

Creating a Task

  1. In the top right corner, select Create.
  2. Choose a task type then select Continue.
  3. Give your task a title and description.
  4. Optionally add an assignee, data product, and due date.
  5. Select Create.

The assignee receives a task assignment notification.

Closing a Task

  1. Select a task to open it.
  2. Choose a resolution to close the task.
  3. Select Complete.

The user who created the task receives a task completion email.

Updating Tasks

You can edit or delete tasks by navigating to the task then selecting More More tricolon icon > Edit or Delete. You can also delete tasks by checking the box of one or more tasks then selecting Actions > Delete Tasks.