Mastered Entity Attributes for Healthcare Providers

By default, data products created with the healthcare providers template include provider attributes as well as attributes added by the address enrichment and NPPES enrichment services. You can customize the attributes that are included, their display names, and their organization in the Configure Attributes step. See Configuring Data Display.

Provider Group

Attribute Display Name
tamr_id Tamr ID
provider_id Provider ID
full_name Full Name
name_suffix Name Suffix
gender Gender
provider_specialty Provider Specialty
credentials Credentials
organization_name Organization
phone_number Phone Number
address_line_1 Address Line 1
address_line_2 Address Line 2
city City
country Country
full_address Full Address
entity_id Entity ID
Note: This is the same as the Tamr ID.
entityId sourceIDs
Note: This is the delimited string of all source primary keys for each cluster.
originSourceId sourceNames
Note: This is the delimited string of all source dataset names for the records in this cluster.

NPPES Enrichment Attribute Group

The provider attributes returned by NPPES enrichment are organized into the following groups. See NPPES Enrichment for the full list and description of these attributes.

  • NPPES Provider
  • NPPES Provider Additional Attributes
  • NPPES Business Information
  • NPPES Practice Address
  • NPPES Secondary Practice Address
  • NPPES Provider Specialties
  • NPPES Endpoints
  • NPPES NPI Lifecycle

Enriched Source Attributes Group

See Address Standardization, Validation, and Geocoding for more information about the attributes added by this enrichment service.

Attribute Display Name
enriched_full_address Enriched Full Address
enriched_address_premise Enriched Address Premise
enriched_address_thoroughfare Enriched Address Thoroughfare
enriched_address_city Enriched City
enriched_address_region Enriched Region
enriched_address_postal_code_primary Enriched Postal Code Primary
enriched_address_postal_code_secondary Enriched Postal Code Secondary
enriched_address_country_name Enriched Country
enriched_address_country_code_2_character Enriched Country Code
enriched_address_latitude Enriched Address Latitude
enriched_address_longitude Enriched Address Longtitude