Gaining Insights with Data Product Metrics

You can view metrics and data from your last mastering flow run.

For any data product, you can find a summary report on the Insights page in Curator to the right of the the Entities and Fields pages. These insights are based on the last mastering flow run.

Sample Insights

Sample Insights

Currently, the following insights are available:

  • Source Records: The number of source records in your data product.
  • Mastered Entities: The number of mastered entities in your data product.
  • Deduplication: The percentage of source records which were duplicates.
  • Records by Source: A list of all sources in your data product and the number of records in each source.

As you can see by the Coming Soon boxes, more insights into changes in the data product are to come.

Entity Metrics

For each entity, you can review, and also sort and filter, by:

  • Source Records: The number of records in the cluster for that entity.
  • Source Datasets: The number of source datasets from which the clustered records originated.
  • Similar Entities: The number of similar entities.
  • Has Value Overrides: Whether the entity has any field value overrides (yes/no).

To view entity metrics:
Select a data product tile in Curator to open the data product. On the Entities tab, the table includes columns with these metrics for each entity. You can sort these columns.

Field Metrics

For each data product field, you can view the percentage of source records that have values for that field (meaning that they are not empty or null). To view this metric, open the data product in Curator and select the Fields tab.