Source Dataset Requirements for B2B Customers with D&B

You align your source data with the industry-standard schema for company data that is supplied by this template.

The B2B customers with D&B template includes a predefined, standardized schema for company data. The mastering flow for data products produced by this template includes a schema mapping step in which you identify how columns in your source datasets correspond to the attributes in the supplied schema.

To prepare, review the general Requirements for Source Datasets. Then, identify the column or columns in each of your source datasets that you will map to the B2B customers schema:

Unified Attribute Description
primaryKey The primary key used in the source dataset to uniquely identify each record. See About Primary Keys for more information.
company_name The company's name.
address_line_1 Line 1 in the company's address.
address_line_2 Line 2 in the company's address.
city The city in the company's address.
country The country in the company's address.
email The company's email address.
phone The company's phone number.
postal_code The postal (zip) code in the company's address.
region The region in the company's address (for example, state, province, and so on).
registration_number The company's legal entity ID with local government.
registration_number_type The company's legal status (for example, LLC, LTD, and so on).
source_duns_number If you trust that the D-U-N-S number available in your source data is correct, map the column with that number to the source_duns_number unified attribute. Otherwise, do not map any columns to this attribute.

Records that have the this attribute populated will not be rematched to a D-U-N-S number in the D-U-N-S Match step; instead, the attribute value will be used. These D-U-N-S numbers are considered high confidence, with a Confidence Code of 10.
url The company's primary website domain.