Publishing Entity Type Data

In Publish, you can publish entity type datasets to a cloud storage publish destination for use in downstream applications. Datasets include Entities, Source Records by Entity, and/or Entities by Similarity. When configuring a publish destination, you select which datasets to publish to that location. See Available Published Datasets for information on these datasets.

Your ability to use Publish and the entity types you can access in Publish depend on your user role and permissions.

When you publish data to cloud storage, any data already published to the destination for the entity type is overwritten.

Before You Begin:
Because publishing overwrites any data already published to the destination, back up the target file or table before publishing.

importantimportant Important: If you are publishing to Snowflake and have added or removed output fields since the last publish, you must either update the destination Snowflake table to match the updated schema or delete the destination table. Otherwise, publishing will fail. If you delete the destination table before publishing, Publish recreates the table with the updated schema.

To publish entity type datasets:

  1. Navigate to Publish.
  2. Open the entity type tile.
  3. If the Publish table does not include the publish destination that you want to use, add a new destination. See Adding a Publish Destination for instructions.
  4. In the Publish table, select Publish PublishPublish for the destination to which to publish the data.
  5. Confirm publishing.
    The datasets configured for that publish destination are published to the cloud storage location.

You can monitor the progress of the publish job.