Mastered Entity Attributes for B2B Customers with Firmographics

By default, data products created with the B2B customers with firmographics data product template include Organization Identifier attributes and provider-specific enrichment attributes.

You can customize the attributes that are included, their display names, and their organization in the Configure Attributes step. See Configuring Data Display.

Regardless of the data provider used for firmographic enrichment, the Configure Attributes step includes Organization Identifiers and Enriched Source Attributes groups that organize the attributes that are not added by the data provider. See the tables below for the details about these groups.

See Tamr Firmographic Enrichment for the additional attributes added by each provider.

Organization Identifiers

Unified Field Mapped Display Name
tamr_id Tamr ID
company_name Company Name
address_line_1 Address Line 1
address_line_2 Address Line 2
city City
region Region
postal_code Postal Code
country_code Country Code
phone Telephone
url Website
website_domain Website Domain
alternate_name Alternate Name
enrich_id Enrich ID

Note: This ID is the same as Tamr Enrich ID, and is included in this group so that the ID is available in the entities table view.

entity_id Entity Id
input_ids Source Company IDs

Note: This is the delimited string of all input uniqueKeys for each cluster.

Enriched Sources

These values for these attributes are the most common enriched values across the source records in the cluster.

See Phone Number Enrichment for more information about these fields.

Unified Field Mapped Display Name
enriched_phone_national_format Enriched Phone Number - National Format
enriched_phone_valid Enriched Phone Number - Is Valid?
enriched_phone_carrier Enriched Phone Number - Carrier
enriched_phone_type Enriched Phone Type
enriched_full_address Enriched Full Address