Enrichment Impact Insight

How firmographic enrichment, provided by the Tamr Enrich service, has impacted your data.

This insight is available for the following templates: B2B Customers and B2B Customers with Firmographics. Run your flow to populate metrics.

For legacy data products, any time there is a blue hover state on your insight card, you can select to view more details.

How many of my entities were enriched?

Shows how many of your source records were matched to a Tamr Enrich ID, with a breakdown of what attributes were used to identify matches. The Tamr Enrich ID is a unique, proprietary organizational identifier owned and managed by Tamr, and is used to match your source company data to referential data provided by the Tamr Enrich service and other data providers (Pitchbook, Enigma, and so on). See Tamr Enrich ID for more details on attributes.

Sample insights

Sample insights

What attributes did my provider supply?

Shows completion rates for attributes supplied by your provider you selected for firmographic enrichment.

Select Export to download this table data as CSV.

How has my enrichment changed over time?

Shows you entities that were matched to Enrich IDs over time, with a breakdown of what attributes were used to identify matches. Learn more about attributes in Tamr Enrich ID.

Sample insights

Sample insights

How do my results compare against other providers?

Shows how your firmographic enrichment coverage could change if you used another provider. Your enrichment provider is shown in purple. Contact Tamr if you are interested in using another provider.

Do I have entities that couldn’t be enriched?

Shows your entities we didn’t have enough information about to enrich. Enriched entities are shown in purple and not enriched entities are shown in grey.

What does my unenriched data look like over time?

Shows your enriched versus not enriched entities over time.