Reviewing Source Records after Mastering

You can review mastering results at the source-record level.

The Source Records table provides insight into mastering results at the source-record level. You can review all source records and the mastered entities to which they were matched, and navigate directly from the source record to the associated mastered entity. To do this, navigate to your data product, then select the Source Records page.

In this table, you can search for, filter, or sort source records. You can configure column order and visibility, and save table views.

From the Source Records page, you can:

  • Select launch in the Mastered Entity column of the source record to open the associated mastered entity in the Attribute Overrides page.
  • Create new entities from selected source records by selecting Actions > Create New Entity.
  • Move selected records into another entity by selecting Actions > Move Records.

Any changes you make to source records are shown as pending until the flow is run.

The Source Records page.

The Source Records page.

In the top right corner, select Back to Viewing All Data to return to the main data table.