Tamr Enrich ID

Use the Tamr Enrich ID step to match the companies in your source data to Tamr Enrich IDs, at either the site or legal entity level.

The Tamr Enrich ID is a unique, proprietary organizational identifier owned and managed by Tamr, and is used to match your source company data to referential data provided by the Tamr Enrich service and other data providers (BoldData, Pitchbook, and so on).

Tamr matches companies in your source records to Tamr Enrich IDs at either the site or legal entity level, depending on the data available in the source datasets.

  • Site matches are based primarily on company name, address details, and country. For this match level, address information must be available and mapped to input fields used by the enricher.
  • Legal entity matches are based primarily on company name and country code. For companies with US addresses, jurisdiction (country and region or state) is used in case of a tie. Postal code and city are further used to break ties, for all countries.

See Tamr Firmographic Enrichment for examples of Tamr Enrich data provided for site and legal entity matches.

Input Fields for Tamr Enrich ID

Required Input Fields

The input dataset for this enricher must include fields that can be mapped to the following required enrichment input fields.

Input Field NameDescription
company_nameCompany name
countryAddress country

Optional Input Fields

Optionally, map fields from the input dataset for this enricher to the following enrichment input fields.

important Important: You must map address fields for site level matches to be returned.

Input Field NameDescription
company_name_alternateAlternate company name
address_line_1Address line 1
address_line_2Address line 2
cityAddress city
regionAddress region or state
postal_codeAddress postal code
phonePhone number
websiteURL for the company website

Output Schema

The following fields are provided by the enricher.

Output Field NameDescription
tamr_enrich_idThe organization's official Tamr Enrich ID
tamr_firmographic_match_statusThe status of the Tamr Enrich ID match:

SITE: site match. This value indicates that site level data is available for this record in at least one supported source.

LEGAL ENTITY: legal entity match. This value indicates that only legal entity level data is available in all supported sources.

INVALID NAME: invalid company name

INVALID JURISDICTION: invalid jurisdiction

NO MATCH: no match found