Navigating Tamr Cloud

Every page includes a Menu menu icon. Most pages offer additional controls, such as a More ⁝ menu for data products or buttons for next steps.

When you first sign in to Tamr Cloud, the home page opens. On this page, you can create a data product, select a data product to view its latest mastered data and metrics, and navigate to other options.

The Menu menu icon appears in the top navigation bar of every Tamr Cloud page. This menu includes one or more of the following options, depending on your user role and permissions for shared resources.

In... You can...
Data Products
  • View the latest mastered data and source records.
  • Manage the data mastering workflow, including adding datasets, mapping schema, applying transformations, consolidating and enriching records, and formatting the entities for display in Tamr Cloud.
  • Curate data, including overriding the field values computed by the mastering workflow and managing the clustered records for an an entity.
  • Access key metrics for insight into how Tamr has improved your data.
  • Publish clean, curated data to configured destinations, for use in your organization's analytics, data visualization, business intelligence, or other other tools. You can also download these datasets.
  • Configure connections to external data repositories, such as Snowflake or GCS. Connections allow you to import source datasets and export data product data.
  • Add, edit, or delete connections.
  • Sources
  • Add source datasets from cloud storage locations, database connections, or your local network.
  • Edit or delete sources.
  • Refresh and reupload your source data to make the latest data available in mastering flows.
  • Tasks View, create, and manage task assignments across data products.
    Admin Manage users, scheduled operations, and API keys.
    Jobs Monitor jobs and job information, including state, type, progress, duration time, and further details.

    Selecting a Data Product

    When you select a data product on the home page, it remains selected until you choose a different one. To return to the Home page and browse the data product tiles, select the logo at top left on any page.

    To switch from one data product, to another, at the top of your screen, select the name of your data product, then select another from the dropdown.

    Accessing Documentation and Providing Feedback

    Select Help help icon in the top navigation bar to access information about recent updates and Tamr Cloud documentation, or to contact Tamr's support team.


    Help menu

    Signing out of Tamr Cloud

    Select your User icon (your initials) in the top navigation bar and then select Sign out.


    Sign out of Tamr Cloud