Navigating Tamr Cloud

You use the menu icon menu icon at top right to access system features.

When you first sign in to Tamr Cloud, Studio opens. In Studio, you can view the latest mastered data and metrics for all the data products to which you have access.

Navigating the Tamr Cloud Menu

Select Menu menu icon in the top navigation bar to navigate Tamr Cloud. The menu includes one or more of the following options, depending on your user role and permissions for shared resources.


Tamr Cloud menu options: Studio, Designer, Publish, Admin, and Curator

Menu Option Description
Studio View the latest mastered data and metrics for data products. You can also create new data products in Studio.
Designer Manage the data mastering workflow, including adding datasets, mapping schema, applying transformations, consolidating and enriching records, and formatting the entities for display in Studio.
Publish Publish clean, curated data product data to configured destinations, for use in your organization's analytics, data visualization, business intelligence, or other other tools. You can also download published datasets.
Admin Manage users, jobs, connections, sources, and other administrative functions. When permissions apply, you can also manage security, API keys, and scheduled operations here.
Curator Curate data product data for data products, including overriding the field values computed by the mastering workflow and managing the clustered records for an entity.

Accessing Documentation and Providing Feedback

Select Help help icon in the top navigation bar to access Tamr Cloud help documentation and to provide any feedback on your experience using Tamr Cloud.


Help menu

Signing out of Tamr Cloud

Select your User icon in the top navigation bar and then select Sign out.


Sign out of Tamr Cloud