Features of B2B Customers with Firmographics

This template enhances your data with standardized and enriched values and consolidates similar records into grouped entities.

About Firmographic Enrichment

The B2B customers with firmographics data product includes Tamr firmographic enrichment services that enrich your data with corporate hierarchy and other referential data from a selected data provider. These providers include Public Sources, Pitchbook, Companies House, and so on. To help you validate the accuracy of firmographic enrichment, Tamr provides similarity scores between key attribute values in the mastered entity and the corresponding values returned by your selected data provider. For example, Tamr calculates the similarity between the company name in the mastered entity and the company name returned by the data provider. See Tamr Firmographic Enrichment for more information about supported data providers. Firmographic enrichment can help solve problems such as:

  • Missing corporate hierarchy information.
  • Out-of-date information, such as company names that have changed due to acquisition.
  • Missing details about an organization, such as number of employees, revenue, SIC codes, national identifier, and so on.
  • Misidentifying different companies that reside in the same building as the same company.

About the Data Quality Services

This data product includes data quality services for the following values:

These services supplement your source data with standardized, validated values for these essential attributes. They examine values for these attributes, and add any resulting validated, standardized values to each record in new enrichment-specific attributes. The original values mapped from your source datasets remain present and unchanged. They also help identify additional communication channels, including which phone numbers can receive text messages. With reliable, up-to-date information, your organization’s representatives can more efficiently and effectively work on their accounts.

See the topics linked above for processing details and added attributes.

About the Clustering Model

The B2B customers with firmographics model groups records as follows:

First, by trusted_id. Records with the same trusted_id are always clustered together. Records with different trusted_ids are never clustered together.

Records with null/empty trusted_id are clustered based on either tamr_enrich_id or similarity, meaning that they may be clustered with records that have a trusted _id.

Then, by tamr_enrich_id, when matched based on company name and full address. Records without trusted_ids are clustered by tamr_enrich_id when the tamr_firmographic_match_status is MATCH_NAME_ADDRESS. In this case, records with the same tamr_enrich_id are clustered together, and records with different tamr_enrich_id are not clustered together. This step is always overridden by the results of matching/splitting based on trusted_id.

Records with tamr_enrich_ids in which the tamr_firmographic_match_status is MATCH_NAME_CITY, MATCH_NAME_COUNTRY, MATCH_PHONE, or MATCH_WEBSITE are treated as having null tamr_enrich_id for the purposes of clustering. Hence they may be clustered with records that have a different (or null) tamr_enrich_id based on either similarity as described below, or because of trusted_id being the same.

Finally, by similarity.
Records with null or empty trusted_ids and without tamr_enrich_ids based on company name and full address are clustered based on similarities between these attribute fields:

  • Company name
  • Alternate company names
  • Full address and address components
  • Phone number
  • Website

Tamr Cloud looks for similarities in these fields, not exact matches. For example, two addresses on the same street can correspond to the same company site.

Clustering Examples for B2B Customers with Firmographics

Examples of Source Records Clustered Together

These records are clustered together because:

  • They have the same tamr_enrich_id, matched by company name and full address (MATCH_NAME_ADDRESS).
  • Record 2 does not have a trusted_id value.
Column Record 1 Value Record 2 Value
address_line_1 25 SAVOY GROVE 25 SAVOY GROVE
country AU AU
postal_code 3977 3977
tamr_enrich_id ORG-5a24c8a8-7034-3e53-a002-5775d8ebd3e7 ORG-5a24c8a8-7034-3e53-a002-5775d8ebd3e7
tamr_firmographic_match_status MATCH_NAME_ADDRESS MATCH_NAME_ADDRESS
trusted_id 1234

Examples of Source Records Not Clustered Together

These records are not clustered together because they have dissimilar company names and do not have trusted_id values.

Column Record 1 Value Record 2 Value
company_name New York State Department City of New York
address_line_1 City Hall City Hall
city New York City New York City
country US ​​US
postal_code 10007 10007
region NY NY
tamr_enrich_id ORG-67070942-f4ab-3498-92a3-22ddcb3c3b56 ORG-dfecef2e-0a6b-3086-bf3e-0633d3a09694
tamr_firmographic_match_status MATCH_NAME_COUNTRY MATCH_NAME_COUNTRY