Managing User Accounts

You can add and configure new user accounts, update user account settings, temporarily disable and then re-enable, and delete user accounts.

Adding Users

Add and configure new users in the Admin > Users app.

To add a new user:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Users.
  2. Select Add User.
  3. Enter the user’s information, including the following required information:
    • User name
    • Email address
    • Role (see User Roles and Permissions)
    • Password
      Note: This is the user’s password for initial login. The user is prompted to change their password when they sign in for the first time.
  4. Select Add, and then select OK to confirm.

Limitations and Requirements:
The following fields do not allow special characters:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Title
  • Username
  • Phone

User passwords must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum of 8 characters.
  • Minimum of one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one special character, and one digit.
  • Cannot be the same as the username.

Updating User Accounts

You update a user’s account settings, including their role, from Admin > Users.

You can update all settings except for username.

Changes to role and password are applied the next time the user logs in.

Note: Users are prompted to verify their email address only when the account is first added. If you update the user's email address, they will not be prompted to verify the new email address.

To update a user’s account settings:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Users.
  2. If needed, use the Search option above the Users table to search for users by any field. For example, you can search for all users with the "author" role, or search for a specific user by last name.
  3. In the row for the user, select one of the following:
    • Edit edit icon to change the user’s settings, including role.
    • Password key to change the user’s password. See Adding Users for password requirements.
  4. Select OK to confirm the change.

Enabling and Disabling Users

By default, new users are enabled to sign in to Tamr Cloud. If needed, you can disable user access to Tamr Cloud, either individually or in bulk. Users whose accounts have been disabled cannot sign in or use any Tamr Cloud services. Other users cannot share Tamr Cloud resources with users whose accounts have been disabled.

To disable or enable Tamr Cloud-authenticated users:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Users.
  2. Select one or more individual users, or select the Select All checkbox to select all users.
    Tip: Use the Search option above the Users table to find the user or groups of users to update. For example, search to find all users with the author role.
  3. Select Disable to disable the user(s), or select Enable to re-enable the user(s).
  4. Confirm your choice.

You can filter to users that are enabled by sorting the Enabled column to TRUE. To filter to users who are not enabled, filter this column to FALSE values.

Deleting Users

important Important: If you would like to disable a user's access temporarily, you can disable their account instead of deleting it. See Managing User Accounts.

To delete users:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Users.
  2. Select one or more individual users.
    Tip: Use the Search option above the Users table to find a specific user.
  3. Select Delete trash icon to delete the user(s).
  4. Confirm the deletion.