Viewing the Latest Data Product Data

You can view the latest mastered data for the data products you have permission to access.

View the latest mastered data for your data products in Studio. You can view data for the data products to which you have access (see User Roles and Permissions).

Studio displays a tile for each data product, along with key metrics.

Viewing Data Product Data

To view the latest data product data:

  1. Navigate to Studio.

  2. Select the data product tile to open the data product page. On the Entities tab, view a table of all mastered entity records. This table displays the primary fields for the data product. You can sort, filter, and configure fields that are included in the table.

    To view all data for an entity, open the Entity details page by selecting an entity from the table. This page includes all mastered fields for the data product, organized into logical groups. Select the Source Records page to view the source records that are clustered into this entity.

    To view the list of fields for this data product, select the Fields tab. On this tab, view the list of mastered entity fields, their descriptions, and percentage of records that have non-null values (percentage complete) for each field. This tab also includes the business type for each field. Business types are semantic data types (ID, address, phone number, date, or data) that can help your users identify key fields in your data products.

Key Data Product Metrics

The following metrics are available for each data product.

Metric Definition
Mastered records The number of entities resulting from data mastering
Source records The total number of records from all source datasets
Mastered fields The number of fields included in entity records, resulting from mapping source dataset fields to a unified schema
Source fields The total number of fields in all source datasets
Sources The number of source (input) datasets