Adding a Publish Destination

In Publish, you can add cloud storage destinations to which to publish Entity, Source Record by Entity, and/or Entities by Similarity datasets for use in downstream applications.

Required Information for Connection Types

When you add a publish destination, the information required to configure the destination depends on the connection type:

Connection TypeRequired Information
Google Cloud Storage (Managed Destination)File type (Parquet or CSV)

Optional: Cloud storage directory (case-sensitive)
Azure SQL ServerSchema
Azure Synapse AnalyticsSchema

Adding a Publish Destination

Before You Begin:
Before you can add a publish destination, you must have access to one or more connections.

To add a publish destination:

  1. Navigate to Publish.
  2. Open the entity type tile.
  3. Select Add Destination.
  4. Select an existing connection, and then select Next.
  5. Provide a name and description for this destination. This is the name of the destination as it will appear in Tamr Cloud, and does not affect the name of the published dataset.
  6. Enter the required information for the connection type.
  7. Select the datasets to publish to this destination: Entities, Source Records by Entity, and/or Entities by Similarity. See Available Published Datasets for information on these datasets.
  8. Select Save Destination.