Adding a Connection

You can add a new connection by providing the required information for your connection type.

In Connections, you can configure access to the cloud storage locations that store source datasets (source connections) or that will store published data (destination connections).

Required Information for Connection Types

When adding a connection, you are prompted for specific information for the connection type. Gather the following information before adding the connection:

Connection TypeRequired Information
Snowflake- Account number
Note: The full account identifier must be specified which is usually part of your Snowflake URL: <account_number> or
See Snowflake documentation on Account Identifiers for more information.
- Warehouse name
- Database name
- User and Password

Important Known Issues for Snowflake Connections:
- Do not use the DEFAULT warehouse for Snowflake Source connections.
- The password for the Snowflake user cannot contain special characters.
Azure Synapse Analytics- Name
- Description (optional)
- Server Name
- Port Number (default 1433)
- Database Name
- User ID and Password
- Encrypt (true/false)
When true, the server encrypts data between user and server if the server has a certificate installed.
- Trust Server Certificate (true/false)
See Microsoft documentation on connecting with encryption for more information.
- Connection TimeOut for the connection to Azure Synapse Analytics (default: 30 seconds)
Amazon S3Prerequisite: Create IAM policy in AWS

Required information:
- Name
- Description (Optional)
- Bucket
- Client Key
- Secret Key
- Access Key ID
- Region
- Directory (Optional)

See AWS Documentation for more information.
Google Cloud StoragePrerequisite: Configure access to the GCS storage bucket

Required information:
- Name
- Description (optional)
- Bucket
- Authorization Block
This is a Google service account json. See Create and manage service account keys for more.

Adding a Connection

To add a connection:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Connections.
  2. Select Add New in the top right.
  3. Select connection type.
  4. Enter the following information:
    • Name and optional Description for the connection.
    • Required information for the connection type.
    • Select the Usage Types for the connection (Source, Destination, or both).
  5. Select Test to verify that Tamr Cloud can establish the connection. If the test fails, correct any missing or incorrect information, and try again.
  6. Select Save Connection.