(Limited Release) Publishing the B2B Customers Data Product

You publish data product datasets to make your updated mastered data available in cloud storage destinations and Tamr Cloud.

Your ability to publish datasets depends on your user role and permissions.

important Important: This data product is in limited release. Please note the following:

  • At this time, you can only publish one dataset at a time.
  • Note that currently in this limited release data product, only the mastered entities and source records datasets are available for publish at this time.
  • You cannot download published datasets.

Publishing Data Product Data

Before You Begin:
Because publishing overwrites any data already published to the destination, back up the target file or table before publishing. Also ensure you have a configured connection.

important Important Notes for Snowflake:

  • If you are publishing to Snowflake and have added or removed output fields since the last publish job, you must either update the destination Snowflake table to match the updated schema or delete the destination table; otherwise, publishing will fail. If you delete the destination table before exporting, the table is recreated with the updated schema when published.
  • In order to view the published dataset, you must have read access in Snowflake to the table to which it was published. Contact your Snowflake administrator if you are not able to view the published datasets.

To publish data product datasets:

When you publish data, any data already published to the destination for the data product is overwritten.

  1. Navigate to the Publish page to configure your publish destination.
  2. Select which dataset you want to publish, then from the destination dropdown, select a configured connection.
  3. Title the name of your published dataset or table.
  4. Select which attributes to include in your output and configure publish names for how the data will appear in downstream systems.
    Note: Edited attribute names do not save automatically. Select Save next to publish names to save your changes.
  5. Optionally, reorder columns in your output by dragging and dropping fields into the desired order.
  6. At the top of the page, select Publish.

Datasets Available to Publish

Customers (Golden Records) Dataset

This dataset includes mastered entities, also known as golden records. A golden record is the single record that best represents a cluster of records referring to the same real-world entity.

In this dataset, the Tamr ID for each golden record (and its clustered source records) is stored in the attribute with the internal name tamr_id. You can use this attribute to join records across datasets.

If you have applied any attribute value overrides, those changes are included in this published dataset. See Editing Mastered Entity Attribute Values for more information on attribute overrides.

Source Records by Cluster

This dataset includes records with their cluster (entity) IDs, and is the output of clustering.

In this dataset, the Tamr ID for the record's cluster (and related golden record) is stored in the attribute with the internal name tamr_id.

If you have made any record overrides and re-run the mastering flow to apply those changes, the changes are included in this published dataset. See Modifying Source Record Clusters for more information on record overrides.