(Limited Release) B2B Customers Data Product

Use the B2B customers data product to master site-level company data and enrich company entities with referential data from selected data providers.

This data product provides a consolidated view of businesses at the granularity of individual sites (headquarters versus satellite offices, for example) that is enriched with corporate hierarchy and other referential data from several data providers. See Tamr Firmographic Enrichment for more information about supported data providers.

This data product provides:

  • An industry-standard schema for company data.
  • A machine learning model that deduplicates entities within, and across, your data sources.
  • Data quality services for company name, phone number, url, and address data.
  • Firmographic enrichment services that supplement your data with company hierarchy and other referential data.

These data products provide a view of companies that identifies, and differentiates, various business locations. In your data, companies might mean customers, suppliers, prospects, health care organizations, portfolio companies, or another type of organization.

About Firmographic Enrichment

The B2B customers data product includes Tamr firmographic enrichment services that enrich your data with corporate hierarchy and other referential data providers. These providers include Public Sources, Pitchbook, Companies House, and so on. To help you validate the accuracy of firmographic enrichment, Tamr provides similarity scores between key attribute values in the mastered entity and the corresponding values returned by your selected data provider. For example, Tamr calculates the similarity between the company name in the mastered entity and the company name returned by the data provider. See Tamr Firmographic Enrichment for more information about supported data providers. Firmographic enrichment can help solve problems such as:

  • Missing corporate hierarchy information.
  • Out-of-date information, such as company names that have changed due to acquisition.
  • Missing details about an organization, such as number of employees, revenue, SIC codes, national identifier, and so on.
  • Misidentifying different companies that reside in the same building as the same company.

About Data Quality Services

This data product includes data quality services for the following values:

These services supplement your source data with standardized, validated values for these essential attributes. They examine values for these attributes, and add any resulting validated, standardized values to each record in new enrichment-specific attributes. The original values mapped from your source datasets remain present and unchanged. They also help identify additional communication channels, including which phone numbers can receive text messages. With reliable, up-to-date information, your organization’s representatives can more efficiently and effectively work on their accounts.

See the topics linked above for processing details and added attributes.

Using this Data Product

To learn more about this data product's requirements, processing, and resulting mastered entities, see: