(Limited Release) Source Dataset Requirements for the B2B Customers Data Product

You align your source data with the industry-standard schema for company data that is supplied by this data product.

The B2B customers data product includes a predefined, standardized schema for company data. When you add data to your data product, you identify how columns in your source datasets correspond to the attributes in the unified schema.

To prepare, review the general Requirements for Source Datasets.

The table below describes these attributes and explains which are:

  • Required: You cannot refresh your data until you map source columns to these attributes.
  • Suggested: For optimal enrichment and clustering results, map source columns to these attributes.
  • Optional: These attributes have minimal impact on your clustering and enrichment results. If your source data includes columns that match these attributes, map them to include that source data in your completed data product.
Unified Attribute Description Type
Primary Key The primary key used in the source dataset to uniquely identify each record. See About Primary Keys for more information. Required
Company Name Company's name. Required
Alternative Names Alternate names for the company. Optional
Previous Names Previous legal names for the company. Optional
Revenue Revenue for the company. Optional
Company Type Legal status of the company (for example, LLC, LTD, and so on). Optional
Industry Type Industry type of the company. Optional
Founding Year Year of company formation. Optional
Address Type Whether the company address represents the headquarters or a branch location. Optional
Address Either line 1 of the company’s address, or the company's complete address. Suggested
Address Line 2 Line 2 of the company's address. Optional
City City of the company’s address. Suggested
State State/region of the company’s address. Suggested
Postal Code Postal (zip) code of the company’s address Suggested
Country Country of the company’s address. Suggested
Latitude Latitude of the company’s address. Optional
Longitude Longitude of the company’s address. Optional
Phone Company’s phone number. Suggested
Registration Number Legal entity ID with local government. Optional
Tax IDs Identification numbers, such as EINs. Optional
Ticker Symbol Company’s ticker symbol on the stock exchange. Optional
Stock Exchange Stock exchange where the company is listed (if public). Optional
Email Domain The email domain for the company. Optional
Website Primary website domain for the company. Suggested
Associated Persons Officers, Directors, and other people associated with the company. Optional

Tip: You can also add attributes to the unified schema and map columns that you want to include in the mastered data product to them.